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Whether its investing, tax efficient strategies management, education funding, retirement, estate or succession planning strategies, wealth preservation, employee benefits or 401(k) plans—the Zahler Fluken Financial Group has the experience and wisdom to guide you

As financial professionals we utilize a wide array of independent investment tools and products. Michael Zahler, Senior Vice President – Investment Officer, Joseph Fluken, Vice President – Investment Officer, and Caroline Hanzlik, Financial Advisor, with over 65 years of combined financial advisory experience will address your specific financial needs and provide insightful, impactful, and customized guidance to help you achieve your long-term financial, life planning and retirement goals.

Successful wealth management requires thoughtful discussions about your life—family, financial and retirement goals—and the development of a comprehensive, individualized plan to help get you there. We offer a collaborative client relationship promoting mutual accountability. Some of the services we can offer you include:

•    Unbiased, independent, objective and timely individualized guidance 

•    An innovative, complimentary financial and investment planning tool
     —the Envision® process

•   Consistent, impeccable client service 

•    Optional fee-based advisory services

•    Access to insurance products including life and long term care coverage

•    401(k) retirement plan setup and existing plan review for business owners

•    Easy access to estate and trust planning specialists

We continually strive to earn and maintain your trust. To ensure that your wealth management and retirement plans continue on course, we evaluate your portfolio frequently and conduct quarterly and semi-annual portfolio reviews, depending on your needs and desires.

In addition to working with individual clients, the Zahler Fluken Financial Group helps business owners establish 401(k) plans and resolve issues with existing 401(k) plans. We can also help businesses attract and retain qualified employees through customized benefit packages.

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